Week 1 | Trekking the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Week 1 | Trekking the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Episode 0/13 | Planning & Packing in Pokhara

Day 0 / Ground 0. Well 900m above sea level - to be precise! Meet the team in Pokhara, Nepal as we plan and prepare for 2-3 weeks of trekking on the Annapurna Circuit (APC) Nepal. Along with a quick packing video.

Episode 1/13 | Making Our Way to the Himalayan Foothills

Pokhara - Ghermu | 150km

The journey begins early by Bus. Pokhara to Besisharar then to Nadi Bazar followed by a trek to Ghermu.

Just getting into the swing of it and keen to reach cooler climates. We push on as much as we can before darkness falls... First days are said to be the toughest, adjusting to your pack, new boots and a stretch of the old legs - I would agree entirely haha.

Arriving soaked with sweat and fairly dehydrated the camera gear didn't make much of an appearance the first day.

Episode 2/13 | Getting off the Road

Ghermu 1,100m - Tal 1,750m | 15km

Making our way deeper into the Himalayan foothills in search of more trail and less road. I photograph some waterfalls, Jose floats over the mountain, Norbert bargains for samosas and meet Rhys - our new recruit!

Episode 3/13 | Learning the Hard Way

Tal 1,750m - Dhikur Pokhari 3,060m (*correction*) | 35km

The day starts full of optimism but the challenge and reality of my heavy pack soon prevails! I begin feeling demotivated - struggling with the weight of the task ahead... That and the constant nightmare of leaving my trekking poles behind! Hopefully a habit I'll soon break. Will be very surprised if I make it back with them - so used to having free hands!

After trekking a ridiculous and unplanned 35km we land into a nice little village called Dhikur Pokhari (original error at Humde arrival - the locals couldn’t speak English so had no idea where we were!) which comes just before the lower/upper Pisang pass - easily the most impressive and stunning scenery to date. Unfortunately I only captured a glimpse of what I would have liked... My first proper trek and learning hard lessons everyday!

Episode 4/13 | Best Day of Trekking and Photography Yet!

Dhikur Pokhari 3,060m - Nagwal 3,680m | 15km

After the killer day before we rise early, surprisingly energetic and ready to go. Taking it a little bit easier today with a 15km trek only - stopping off plenty to enjoy the scenery. It days like these when you really start to fall in love with trekking.

Passing through ancient villages with wide valleys and cascading rivers. We spot what we think is Annapurna 2 and get slightly lost on our way to Nagwal.

Episode 5/13 | Ice Lake - The Altitude Challenge

Nagwal 3,680m - Ice Lake 4,620m - Bhraka 3,500m | 15km aprox.

Getting real cold but we push on, a short trek plus a steep climb - destination Ice Lake. To the top and back again - altitude training for the grand high pass, soon to come!

The scenery coming back down with the falling sun was, incredible to say the least. Worth every pace.

Episode 6/13 | Taking On Altitude

Bhraka 3,500m - Seerikhadka 4,150m | 15km aprox.

A short trek as we push towards the peaks, less oxygen at every step. Destined for Tilicho Base Camp we stop at SeeiKhadka. A small village just before the base camp - roughly the same altitude. Perfect to start acclimatising before the quick ascent to Tilicho Lake - the highest lake in the world!

Jose questions leaving the team to sleep at base camp but the fast approaching clouds change his mind as myself and Norbert struggle to capture an overcast sunset.

Week 2 | Trekking the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Week 2 | Trekking the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Volunteering - Trash to Cash

Volunteering - Trash to Cash